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Pruning and Maintenance

There are many different ways in which to prune a tree. Some trees need a simple crown clean (removal of dead and weak branches), some may need a structural prune to improve the integrity of the tree, or thinning to reduce wind resistance, or some are required to be pruned for increased fruit production. No matter what the need is, Arsenault Tree Service has certified Arborists on-site at every job, performing only the necessary pruning cuts, because over-pruning can often be more detrimental to the tree than not pruning at all.

We follow the latest ANSI A300 pruning specifications. For younger trees, as well as certain small flowering and fruit trees, we concentrate on corrective pruning and thinning of live branches to improve the branch structure as well as to enhance the overall beauty of the tree. Arsenault Tree Service looks for opportunities to correct poorly attached branches, twin trunks, and other structural problems through early pruning. By addressing these issues early, we can advert more costly solutions, such as cabling or removal of large branches, which might otherwise be required later in the tree’s life. For most mature trees, pruning is usually limited to the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches in order to maintain and improve the health and aesthetic appearance of the tree as well as reduce the risk of from dead or weak branches, which might otherwise fall and damage persons or property