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 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Below is a list of questions we get asked all of the time. Hopefully you will find the answer you're looking for. 

1. How much will my tree cost? / Do you give free estimates? 

 In short yes, we will always provide a free, no obligation firm quotation. We are more than happy to meet with you and develop a scope        of work based on your requirements and provide a firm quotation. We do not give "ballpark" estimates over the phone or after being sent pictures of the tree, we actually need to see the tree in question and the work site in order to provide an accurate quote. There is never a fee to provide a quote. 

2. Consultations:

If you would like a Certified Arborist to meet with you and assess the health of your trees, create a maintenance plan, or assist with providing information required for tree removal permits you are needing a consultation. There is a fee for this service based on your needs and requirements. Consultations can be provided both in a verbal and informal assessment or provided in a written report. Please contact our office for more details and pricing.  

3. Why won't you top my tree?

We get asked this quite frequently and to be honest topping is an outdated pruning practice that does not follow any standards for tree pruning. It is also important to remember that topping is always prohibited in any municipality that has a tree protection bylaw in place.  Topping is bad for the tree and the client. A tree that has been topped will lose its natural shape and structure resulting in a hazardous tree if it is not constantly re-topped, which increases the cost of future maintenance for the client.  Once a tree is topped it is now a prime candidate for a host of other issues such as disease and decay and increased risk of future failure by the heavy growth of water sprouts in what is now a compromised part of the tree. 

We always do our best to educate and explain to our clients why topping is not the way to go when it comes to tree care and are more than happy to provide other solutions that will suit the clients needs. We are often asked to work on previously topped trees and it is possible to save topped trees in some instances but it is a long process that can take years to complete. Other times previously topped trees are in such poor condition and create such a hazard that removal is recommended. Depending on a clients needs, a previously topped high value tree can be re-topped but only after the client is aware of the issues and cost associated with continual re-topping. 

4. Why do I need a permit to remove my tree?

Many municipalities in the lower mainland now have what are referred to as tree protection bylaws. These bylaws are set in place as a means of keeping otherwise healthy trees from being removed. It is important to remember that municipal tree protection bylaws will never keep a hazardous or unhealthy tree from being removed but the process must still be followed.  Most of the information you need regarding tree protection bylaws can be found on your municipality's website and the process is relatively simple and straightforward.  

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