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Tree Care and Brush Mowing  Professionals for 40 Years

Do you want to regain the use of a piece of your property overgrown with small trees, dense brush and blackberries? We can help!

We have two sizes of machine to choose from to get the job done right on any of your projects and save you money! We are professional operators and have been in business for the last 20 years. We are fully insured, Better Business Bureau Accredited, BC Forest Safe Certified, BC Hydro Approved Contractors and WCB COR Certified.

Our smaller machine is the only one of its kind and is an articulating tractor and on rubber tires. It is the perfect size of machine to get into tight spaces and is able to work in close proximity to buildings and pedestrians. It causes minimal ground disturbance when compared to tracked skidsteer machines that are typically used for this type of work. The cutting table is specially designed to clean up cut down material closer to the ground leaving behind a fine mulch. The final product is much cleaner than what is typically left behind by a skidsteer mower or a flail mower used on small excavators. Please see the attached photos of this machine on a recent project prepping a development site to be sold.

Our larger machine is a Hydro Ax 720 forestry mower. It is the only one of its kind available for use in this area. This machine is used on large scale land clearing projects and is primarily used for right of way cleaning and maintenance. There is not another machine that can be compared to a Hydro Ax when it comes to cleaning brush and full sized trees. It is able to clear a significant amount of land in a day, much faster than any excavator or skidsteer and leaves behind a much cleaner final product leaving a fine mulch behind. Excavators and skidsteers cannot come close to how this well this machine will work. Please see our attached photos.

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